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CD ROM of Nakka-Rocketry Website

CD Volume 9 label Due to popular demand, Volume 9 of my website is available for purchase on a CD. Over 700 copies of this CD have been sold around the world.

This CD allows the user fast and easy off-line viewing of my website. Convenient while working in "the field". Additionally, the CD provides a permanent record of the site. Note that Vol.9 retains the full contents of Volumes 1 thru 8.

As a bonus, hundreds of hi-resolution photos are included, most of which are not posted on my website. Additionally, well over one hundred video clips are added to the CD, including some "archival" footage of my early rocketry experiments and static tests. As well, dozens of rocketry related articles and reports.

The Nakka-Rocketry CD comes with a glossy, full-colour label as illustrated. All files burned onto the CD have been scanned using the latest anti-virus software. Over 2 Gigabytes of data, in total! (Note: due to large volume of data, Vol.9 is burned onto a data DVD, rather than CD).

All the proceeds I receive from the CD sales will be used to offset the ever-escalating costs associated with maintaining and expanding my website. Any additional revenue will be pumped back into amateur rocketry research which will provide for future content of my website that will hopefully prove to be of benefit to AER enthusiasts around the world.

NEW -- Volume 9 of the Nakka-Rocketry CD is now optionally available as a downloadable file. The file is ISO format (2.7 Gbyte) which is an archive file that contains an identical copy of the CD contents. Once downloaded, the CD files are extracted using a compression/decompresson software such as WinRAR. Merci beaucoup to Jérôme Bise for his dauntless effort in figuring out how to do all this.

New for Volume 9 - As a bonus, CD includes scans of my earliest rocketry experimental notebooks covering the period from 1972 through 1979. These are hi-resolution scans (totalling 150 Megbytes) of the first four volumes of my notebooks that I diligently kept during this early developmental period of my amateur rocketry experimentation.
Click for sample pages from notebook (7 Meg PDF file)

Available version:     
Volume 9 (June 2017 creation date)

To order the CD, pay by credit card using :

Option 1) Hardcopy CD, USA & Canada, first time buyer, $19 USD

Option 2) Hardcopy CD, elsewhere, first time buyer, $21 USD

Option 3) Electronic copy, first time buyer, $15 USD
Note: File size 2.7 Gigabyte. A link to download the CD file will be sent by e-mail usually within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Option 4) Hardcopy CD, USA & Canada, repeat purchase, $13 USD

Option 5) Hardcopy CD, elsewhere, repeat purchase, $15 USD

Option 6) Electronic copy, repeat purchase, $9 USD
Note: File size 2.7 Gigabyte. A link to download the CD file will be sent by e-mail usually within 24 hours of receiving your order.

INSTRUCTIONS for downloading, uncompressing and viewing the electronic (downloadable) version of Nakka-Rocketry CD.

Hardcopy CD's are usually sent out within two days of receiving an order. In order to keep cost to a minimum, CDs are sent via regular mail post.


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