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Nakka-Rocketry Website as downloadable file

   Due to popular demand, 2023 Version of my website is available for purchase as a downloadable file. Over 1000 copies of the Nakka-Rocketry website have been sold around the world, either as a hard-copy CD or as a downloadable file.

The times they are a-changin'. As such, for 2023, a hard-copy CD will not be available, as the electronic version has proven to be far more popular.

As a bonus, hundreds of hi-resolution photos are included, most of which are not posted on my website. Included, as well, are rocketry related articles, technical data and CAD drawings of my rocket hardware, video clips and information on the various rocketry related experimentation that I have conducted over the years.

Also included are scanned copies the first 13 volumes of my Experimental Notebooks which detail the day-by-day record of my rocket work. These volumes cover the first 30 years of my amateur rocketry activities (1972-2002).

All the proceeds I receive from sales will be used to offset the ever-escalating costs associated with maintaining and expanding my website. Any additional revenue will be pumped back into amateur rocketry research which will provide for future content of my website that will hopefully prove to be of benefit to AER enthusiasts around the world.

Cost: $15 USD

Notes: File size 3.3 Gigabyte. A stable and hi-speed internet connection is required.
A link to download the ISO file will be sent by e-mail usually within 24 hours of receiving your order. If you have not received the e-mail with link, check your SPAM/JUNK folder.

Due to an oversight, the v_2023 ISO download is missing the Xi-18 folder. This folder may be downloaded at the following link:

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