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Moonwalk audio recording and TV screen photos

Back in July, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. I was priveleged to have been born at the right time to witness this historic event live on television as a young, impressionable teen. For posterity, I decided to tape record that complete moonwalk using my brother's audio cassette recorder -- "state of the art" at that time. I've recently created a one minute digital excerpt of that tape recording, and am presenting it here for others to enjoy a snippet of history...

MOONWALK.WAV  650 kbytes (low quality)

MOONWALK.MP3  975 kbytes (high quality)

I also took many photographs of the TV screen during the Apollo missions using my sister's 35 mm Yashica camera. Remember, these were the days before VCRs and this was the only means at my disposal of capturing these amazing moments for posterity. With photography being (another) hobby of mine, I subsequently developed the films and made the prints myself in my makeshift darkroom. The following Apollo 15 images are in black and white, and are rather fuzzy, but they nevertheless hold great sentimental value because at that time they were being viewed live from the moon.

Apollo 15 astronaut standing in front of LEM holding  camera   Apollo 15 astronaut unstowing gear from LEM   ALSEP scientific experiment    Apollo15 astronauts Scott and Irwin setting up experiments   Apollo 15 astronauts with lunar rover (left) and LEM (right)

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Originally posted January 2, 2007

Last updated April 23, 2009